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About Us | Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming   - Wytheville, VA

Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming in the Wytheville, Virginia, area is the best choice for receiving a high level of treatment for your dog. We take the time to give your dog personalized treatment, beginning with an evaluation of your animal’s health and condition.

Our grooming services expand on this evaluation. We can make recommendations based on our observations of your pet’s condition. Combined with specific knowledge of the breed of your dog, Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming can offer a truly customized experience. From a simple bath to an extensive full treatment of your dog, many options exist to fit dog lovers’ needs everywhere!

Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming features dog dental and ear care in addition to grooming. Our goal is to provide the customer with a comprehensive care package that cannot be rivaled. Dental and ear health are often-overlooked aspects of maintaining your dog’s health! We will work with you to determine what your best options are concerning your pet’s health.

Our team will meet with you and your dog on a one-to-one basis to establish a framework of how to best meet your pet’s needs. Providing a highly comfortable environment is the first and often most important step in beginning the grooming process. We are here for you and your pet.

In the Wytheville, Virginia, area, Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming is the choice for top-quality dog care. Dogs done by appointment for a personalized touch! Call now for details!