Dog Ear Care

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We Offer Dog Ear Care!

Dog Ear Care | Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming   - Wytheville, VA

Much like dog dental care, dog ear care is an often-overlooked component of your pet's health. Due to the shape of most dogs’ ears, it is sometimes difficult to get a good look into them to get an idea of how they are faring. In addition, very few dogs enjoy having their ears tugged (similar to people). There are, however, steps owners can take to help maintain the health of their dog’s ears.

Our staff will evaluate the condition of your dog’s ears and help you to understand what measures can be taken at home. Prevention is essential. Identifying a potential problem at home and having the ability to mitigate this problem will go a long way toward ensuring your pet’s longevity.

At Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming, we inspect your dog’s ears and give them a thorough cleaning. Our basic dog ear care package includes:

• Wax removal
• A mild sanitary rinse that will not irritate your dog’s ear
• A delicate drying process

Dog ear care is a critical aspect to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Clean, open ears are a great way to keep your four-legged friends alert and affectionate. At Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming, we offer the best in dog ear care.