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Dog Grooming | Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming   - Wytheville, VA

At Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming, personalized dog grooming is what we have a passion for. Evaluating your pet’s needs and providing service on a personal level are what set us apart from other grooming shops. Our facility is not a multi-dog environment! We strive to meet your dog’s individual needs.

Our services range from a simple bath dip to an intensive treatment plan that polishes up your pet from top to bottom. We begin with a preliminary brush-down and move into shampooing. We use only high-quality shampoos on our dogs to avoid any skin irritation. Next is the dry–down, followed by a vigorous brushing session!

Dog grooming doesn’t end with the coat! We next clip your dog’s nails and file them to a rounded tip. We go to great lengths to make sure your pet’s paws are in good shape by examining and massaging the pads. A dog’s feet can hurt too!

Our team of highly qualified dog-care specialists will take the time to ensure a highly polished and beautiful coat as well as soft, smooth skin. Our basic service includes the following:

• Preliminary brushing
• Shampoo dip
• Blow dry
• An extensive brush-down of your dog’s whole coat
• Nail clipping

Dog grooming at Dog Gone Beautiful Pet Services & Grooming is taken to the highest level. Our attention to detail and individual treatment of your dog's needs are what set us apart. From nose to tail, top to bottom, your four-legged friend will be sent home feeling fresh and clean. We take pride in our work and seek to please both the pooch and its owner!